Overcoming Abuse

 Abused women must have someone they can trust!

Whether you are currently in an abusive situation or you are overcoming an abusive past, you must have someone you can trust with all your heart.

As abused women, we have never really been able to trust anyone, especially those in authority over us. Because of that when someone says to us, “You can trust me,” we are conditioned and predisposed to respond to them, “Yeah right!”

I was used and abused for over 35 years, so I know all the ends and outs of abuse. I understand from personal experience how the people you thought you could trust ended up the same as the rest–not trustworthy!

I want to give you hope if you are hopeless. It may be hard to trust again at first, but I want to create a safe place to earn your trust.

I dealt with distrust for many years and sometimes I still do. But I want to bring you what you have been needing, not only by being someone you can  trust, but by providing the resources that you need to move forward.

I pray this will be a place you can find deliverance, healing, hope and the power of new life!

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