Having Authority Means being under Authority

Just want to bring some truth in the midst of “Walking Away from Abuse”. Many men as well as women read a scripture and run with it. Like the scripture in Eph.5 about Women are to submit to their husbands and the man will take that to the bank not reading the scriptures above or below. The ones above say we are to submit to EACH OTHER!!!!!! It also says a man is to love his wife as Christ loves the church and gave himself up for her. Also loving her as his own body.
Another aspect of this also is if we are not under authority; we have no authority!! When we do not give ourself to authority we are out of order making the marriage out of order as well!!!
Especially when we are not submitting to the word of God. Faith without works is dead. We are to be a doer of the word not a hearer only!!!!!!!
Lord give us what we need to be doer’s of Your word not hearers only, in Jesus name!!!

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