This page will have help numbers for many resources.  It will have phone numbers for emergencies.  Both medical and life threatening.  It will give you resources for food, clothing, training for jobs, GED, and job interviews. There are two resources to choose from one is in East Fort Worth and the other in the Mid Cities area both are located at bottom of the right-hand-side of the website.  Keep coming back.

Need immidiate help below is a 24 hr hot line.  Please feel free to use it!

New phone number for 24 hr availability – Domestic Violence Hot Line – 1-800-799-7233

Information on Women’s Shelters

Looking to have a database on this help page that will give you information about Shelters of refuge.  Safe places! I will have a databaset with information from different shelters.  If you are in need of a place for a night or a week. I will have the information you need to know where you can go for more than just one night and how long you can stay. Keep coming back for the information. I will have shelters for Ft. Worth areas and Dallas areas.

Please pray for me that I will be able to implement the data from the shelters on a regular basis. The hold up has been getting the shelters to ok this idea. I’ve come up against a brick wall and need help.  Keep coming back for updates.


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  1. I have a program that works with women with a history of substance abuse who are pregnant or post partum up to 18 months. Some don’t have a personal history of substance abuse, but are living with or were raised by someone with a substance abuse problem. Would love to know when your resource page is up!

    Great website.

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