Emotional Health

We tend to think a lot about our physical health, our beauty (outward appearance), but not much on the emotional health side. For a woman the emotional health is just as important as the physical health. As a man thinks so is he or she. Even though men are not wired to think with their emotions, their emotions catch up with them, when they do not release those inward emotions that women release through tears, they end up with a heart attack many times because the heart has taken that stress that they are unwilling to let go of through tears.
Stress is an area of “no peace” in our mind or soul (mind, will, and emotions). No peace means dis-ease and what does that mean. DISEASE (that’s right a disease in our body). Heart problems, stomach problems, not digesting food properly brings big problems. So we must think about our emotional health as much as we think about the physical. Since the emotional causes a lot of the physical.
Can you remember when in school kids you to say sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me. WOW, that is so far from the truth it is awful.
Truth is hurtful words, if not dealt with, will linger in your heart and the back of your mind for years and cause such things as ulcers and heart problems.
The main thing we need to deal with when we have been hurt emotionally or physically is forgiveness. I understand when we don’t even want to think about forgiving someone that has hurt us so badly. But, the truth of the matter is God’s word says if we don’t forgive we can’t be forgiven. Unforgiveness festers in our bodies as sickness (depending how long we hold on to the anger). Forgiveness and releasing that person to God and allowing God to deal with them, releases you from the anger, not saying those feelings won’t try to rare the ugly head and make you think it is your thoughts, but when you forgive and give it to God, it is the enemy that brings that thing back up in your mind. You must know how to fight your enemy he doesn’t fight fair!! I talk about all of this in my book teaching you how to recognize the enemy and how to defeat him.
Anger, resentment, and bitterness is the worst symptom of emotional distress. Please pray if you have a wound that you cannot get past or if you don’t pray or don’t know how you can email me and I will help you. [email protected]
As soon as you pray and forgive all that stuff that has been tormenting you has to leave. When we pray it’s under the blood. You may not be able to forgive someone with the emotions that you forgive them, it’s all by faith. Pray and ask our heavenly Father to help you forgive, get honest with God like I did over my mother that abused me, The Father asked me to forgive her and I said how can I when I hate her!! When we can admit our emotions (feelings) that’s when we can be healed.

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