Communication Between Husbands and Wives

God’s heart is so for relationships!! That’s the purpose He created us for in the first place! God is concerned about every detail of our lives and is willing to help us with every detail. His word says: He gives us all things that pertain to life and Godliness II Peter 1:3-4. We can do nothing without HIM!
His word also says we are new creations in Christ Jesus.
What we don’t understand sometimes with our relationships is we are to walk in that new creation and not in the old man or woman that died to all the flesh.
As husbands and wives we must realize men and women think differently, and the old man syndrome can crop back up and try to take over if we do not keep him/her under the control of the Holy Spirit!
I am going to share this morning and be transparent so others can glean from my weakness.
Sometimes when Wayne and I have a disagreement I tend to see him in the old mans eyes. (through carnal eyes) and in order to bring peace into any situation that may be of disagreement we must see each other through the eyes of the spirit!
Men and women think so differently. Men are left brained and most of them analytical (meaning they have to process information that comes to them, whether through conversation or books or internet) and women are mainly right brained (process out of our emotions).
My type of personality is totally opposite of Wayne, being raised and married and living in abuse all my life I was not only motivated by fear, fear drove everything I did. I knew that when my mother or my ex-husband told me to do something I didn’t have time to think about it, I had to act and act now to keep the abuse at bay.
Consequently, I became a fix-it personality and extremely fast minded. For which in one way God can use it and has used it for His advantage, but the bad part for relationships is I think very fast and think Wayne ought to do that too, but he is very laid back personality in no hurry what I have learned by the spirit is God is using us to balance each other.
When we have conflicts with our mate we need to realize they do not think the same way we do and they process things differently than we do.
I was very serious minded and could not see things from Wayne’s perspective because of what I came out of.
The very best thing we can do when we are in a disagreement is pray and ask the Lord to help us see the others point of view and ask the Lord to get us into unity. It works every time!!

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