All of us from wounded backgrounds, abuse and such do not know how to have healthy relationships. They are usually co-dependent/enabler!!! My guess most of us have those kind of relationships. We must pray and ask the Lord to help us to have a more balanced marriage or whatever relationship it is!
Marriage will not survive with this, and it’s because God won’t allow it! both those are idolatry!!! For which God will not put up with! It is putting that person on the throne’s of our hearts and God is supposed to be the only one with that place! God help us all that have had such relationships, help the mates to understand you will not allow it!!! IN Jesus name!
Don’t get me wrong his mercy is new every morning! We just need to repent and get right back where we were with him. And ask HIM for HIS strength to overcome this idolatry! We can do nothing without HIM and HIS help!
God wants us healed and healthy! I know he also wants us to give each other mercy and grace, however we must ask the Lord how to deal with the codependency in our own lives so that our marriages can be better but also so we don’t keep passing it down to the next generation.
Codependency is tough to deal with many times when it is both partners that are codependent. One is in one area and the other in another area. Some times we have to get away to see our own issues in the situation. When we are in the big middle of the situation we can’t see the forest for the trees. Can’t see our stuff for continuing to look at what’s wrong with the other one! It’s not easy to deal with our own stuff, but we must in order to have a healthy relationship!

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