Asthaxathin – the Super Antioxident!

Astaxanthin is an all in one nutrient that is almost a miracle nutrient. It is an antioxident, it helps with premature aging, it’s 800 times stronger than CQ10 and Vitamin C and 550 times stronger than Vitamin E. The website below is the site to read and listen to how wonderful this nutrient is and what they have discovered that it is able to do for the human body.




Vitamins and Your Health

Importance of Exercise

If you have never been much of an exerciser you might find it hard to maintain a regular workout program without some help.

The benefits of exercise whether young or old far out weight the hardship of disciplining yourself to a routine.

Whether we workout at the gym using machines and weights or walk at home and use weights.  The impact on the body is wonderful. Working out for at least 30 minutes and getting to the point of a good sweat is very healthy.  Sweating the body cleanses the glands of the body. Cleaning the toxins out of the joints and muscular system of the body.

As we get older and continue to work out it keeps us not only looking younger, but it also helps to keep the bones and joints limber to where they do not atrophy (when muscles are  not used that is what happens). Just like the mind if we do not keep learning our mind will atrophy It will get to where it cannot remember because we don’t use it!  Physical exercise is very good for the mind. Studies have been made with people that exercise taking tests along with people that do not exercise. The people that exercise always come up with the best scores.

That is one reason many people get old before their time. Just setting around not doing much of anything and we end up looking and acting 10 to 15 years older than what we really are!

Exercise is one way to beat Osteoporosis( disease of the bones). Lifting weights and exercise strengthens the bones.

Not only does it help with our mental and physical fitness, but it does a lot for the selfesteem.  When we feel good about our self we tend to present our self in a healthier and more confident way!  Exercise is good for the whole person!  Spirit, soul, and body (mind, body, and soul).