All of us from wounded backgrounds, abuse and such do not know how to have healthy relationships. They are usually co-dependent/enabler!!! My guess most of us have those kind of relationships. We must pray and ask the Lord to help us to have a more balanced marriage or whatever relationship it is!
Marriage will not survive with this, and it’s because God won’t allow it! both those are idolatry!!! For which God will not put up with! It is putting that person on the throne’s of our hearts and God is supposed to be the only one with that place! God help us all that have had such relationships, help the mates to understand you will not allow it!!! IN Jesus name!
Don’t get me wrong his mercy is new every morning! We just need to repent and get right back where we were with him. And ask HIM for HIS strength to overcome this idolatry! We can do nothing without HIM and HIS help!
God wants us healed and healthy! I know he also wants us to give each other mercy and grace, however we must ask the Lord how to deal with the codependency in our own lives so that our marriages can be better but also so we don’t keep passing it down to the next generation.
Codependency is tough to deal with many times when it is both partners that are codependent. One is in one area and the other in another area. Some times we have to get away to see our own issues in the situation. When we are in the big middle of the situation we can’t see the forest for the trees. Can’t see our stuff for continuing to look at what’s wrong with the other one! It’s not easy to deal with our own stuff, but we must in order to have a healthy relationship!

Having Authority Means being under Authority

Just want to bring some truth in the midst of “Walking Away from Abuse”. Many men as well as women read a scripture and run with it. Like the scripture in Eph.5 about Women are to submit to their husbands and the man will take that to the bank not reading the scriptures above or below. The ones above say we are to submit to EACH OTHER!!!!!! It also says a man is to love his wife as Christ loves the church and gave himself up for her. Also loving her as his own body.
Another aspect of this also is if we are not under authority; we have no authority!! When we do not give ourself to authority we are out of order making the marriage out of order as well!!!
Especially when we are not submitting to the word of God. Faith without works is dead. We are to be a doer of the word not a hearer only!!!!!!!
Lord give us what we need to be doer’s of Your word not hearers only, in Jesus name!!!

Emotional Health

Your emotional health is as important as your physical health.  If we don’t keep our emotions in proper balance, they can make us physically ill.  Emotions can cause major stress problems unchecked.

Women are wired to function from their emotions.  We make all of our choices from emotions, unless we have come to some maturity in this area.

I remember when Wayne and I had been married for about 4 or 5 years.  He told me when I cried I sounded like a little girl.  Deep down I knew something was still wrong in that area, but I didn’t know what and didn’t know what it was connected to.

Most of us reading this website have something of that nature going on, on the inside of us.  But, we can become free from our past emotions ruling us and be healed and most of all learn to laugh and have fun.

Most of us don’t have the slightest idea how to do that.  When Wayne and I came together, he was a fun loving layed back kind of guy, that lived in the peace of God most of the time.  I loved this part of him, until we were married and then it irritated me.   But, the reason it irritated me was becasue I grew up and lived all of my life very serious and to me life was serious and if you weren’t serious, you weren’t taking your responsibilities serious.

Learning to laugh and have fun has been a major undertaking not just for me, but for Wayne as well,  he wouldn’t let me steel his joy and I’m grateful he didn’t.  Laughter does good like a medicine.

Wayne and I have been married 15+ years and we’re both in our 60’s.  We neither one take any prescription drugs and I have been to the doctor one time in 15 years.   He has also been to the doctor one time in 15 yrs.

Before we married I was going to the doctor on average at least once a month and took off work sick on average two or three times a month.  I have worked in the same place for seven and a half years and have been off work one and a half days in that seven and a half years.  Laughter does good like a medicine.

We need to learn not to take our self so seriously and laugh at our mistakes while we learn from them.   This may take some time, but we’ll work on it together.

I’ll give you ways to manage your stress in this topic.   I will also have comments from other good websites and doctors websites that I trust.

I hope you find this site helpful and fun.   My purpose is to help women believe in themselves, learn to love themselves and find their destiny in their heavenly Father.

Managing stress is a major issue. Especially for me right now. Guess I’ve been through this so I could help all of you with managing stress. I am coming through Shingles. Not totally over them yet, but have come through for the most part. Shingles happen because of unmanaged stress. Whatever you do if you find yourself with Shingles go to bed and get plenty of rest and plenty of water. You can damange your body and your nervous system by not getting enough rest with Shingles. Managing stress I believe means to go for walks when you are feeling stress, call a friend and vent your anger. Make sure it is someone you can trust that will not take what you say and take it to others. One thing that really causes lots of stress is unforgiveness. Holding unforgiveness only hurts us not the other person! It can cause disease in our bodies! Which is dis–ease!!! No peace! All we have to do to get rid of it is to just say Lord I forgive them by faith. We may not even want to but if we will just do it even not wanting to. It will do something to our heart that will help us get rid of the stress and release our bodies from the dis–ease/disease! All kinds of diseases are caused by unforgiveness! Do yourself and your body a favor and forgive.