It’s Definitely Summer!

Ladies, summer is here and we want to keep looking good! We need a make-up with an spf of 20 if possible. I would advise using sunscreen moisturizer if possible. One of the ways I take care of my sunscreen issue is through a nutritional product by Dr. Mercola. I believe in all natural. His sight is a really good site to learn about vitamins and health through the natural way. He has a product that is called Astaxanthin. This product not only helps with the wrinkle issues but it also is a sunscreen you can take internally and not worry about applying sunscreen to your face. It is also a high powered antioxidant, which helps with inflammation in the body.

New/recent make-up news and techniques!

I want to try to keep you up to date with newest make-up tehchniques and the newest formulas of make-up. If some of my posts are over a year old that doesn’t mean they are not still good. But, I have make-overs at least 5 or 6 times a year in order to keep we that are older up to date with the latest techniques to keep looking as young as we can even in our more mature years.
I also have an ulterior motive as well. I want to be able to attract younger women as well and I have to keep up with the newest techniques and make-up as well as the applying techniques.
As I learn new things I will keep you posted!!

Fall and Winter Skin Care

Fall Skincare:Be sure to clean skin well,morning and evening….a good start in the morning ia
scrub…easy to do in the shower-oily/combo skin and acne/blemish scrub,
normal – dry  skin scrub w/out cleanser.

Spray on witch hazel or other GENTLE toner. Follow
up with light moisturizer.

* If you have tried the mineral foundations and found them
drying or laying flat, try upping your moisturizer. ** make- up lasts longer
if you have a good skin care routine before applying  foundations.

Fall make-up:

Medium- dark skin

-medium to dark skin tone…try dusting bronzing
powders(Covergirl has a excellent product in their Tru
Blends-mineral) lightly across cheeks and decoletee for a soft sheen.

-Try colored mascaras/eyeliners to highlight your eye
color .

– add shimmer dust to your body lotion

Light Skin

-light skin can benefit as well(Covergirl-Tru blends in
Pink Radiance/Shimmering Sands)…dust lightly or fluff all over skin and

-Try colored mascaras/eyeliners to highlight your eye

-add shimmer dust to your body lotion

Winter-time skin- be sure you clean and
moisturize well as well as, useing hydrating masks….even oily skin
needs hydration….gell masks are good alternative for oily skin.

be sure to moisturizer with a sunscreen….even winter
sunlight can be damaging.

Look for nourishing moisturizers for cold/dry winter

Finally drink plenty of water.

Article by Christine Kennedy

Granbury, TX