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We are all God’s creation. He wants us to see our self as His beautiful creation.

For many years I was a country bumpkin and because people around me spoke negative words over me, it took me years to receive from my husband that I was pretty. I would reject his words when he would compliment me, by looking at him like, what do you want. I know there are many of you that can identify. But, I have good news.

Finally after 8 years of him telling me over and over and me not receiving, he looked at me and said, just receive it by faith. So I made up my mind to do that, it took a little while longer, but from that point on I kept receiving by faith. And soon after I was able to receive and say thank you. It takes somewhere around 40 positive affirmations to negate one negative. I had 40 years of negative as I’m sure some of you have had as well. We must have the positive to negate the negative.

In my process the Lord has put many people around me that I have learned beauty tips and tricks from. In this blog I will share with you those tips and tricks for staying beautiful even into your older age.

Come along for the ride and we’ll have fun learning together.

It’s Definitely Summer!

Ladies, summer is here and we want to keep looking good! We need a make-up with an spf of 20 if possible. I would advise using sunscreen moisturizer if possible. One of the ways I take care of my sunscreen … Continue reading

New/recent make-up news and techniques!

I want to try to keep you up to date with newest make-up tehchniques and the newest formulas of make-up. If some of my posts are over a year old that doesn’t mean they are not still good. But, I … Continue reading

Fall and Winter Skin Care

Fall Skincare:Be sure to clean skin well,morning and evening….a good start in the morning ia scrub…easy to do in the shower-oily/combo skin and acne/blemish scrub, normal – dry  skin scrub w/out cleanser. Spray on witch hazel or other GENTLE toner. … Continue reading

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